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I am Loveleen Kaur, a student at Base Camp Coding Academy. As a friendly, hard-working, and goal-oriented individual, I have come to learn through various experiences that I am driven to finding solutions to problems. Through my sense of initiative, I accomplish whatever task needs to be done. Ever since I was a kid, my favorite hobby has been doodling every idea that came to mind. I have developed this hobby and drive of mine into the world of software development. I am also fluent in the languages of Punjabi, Hindi, and English. With my skills in Python, Bootstrap, SQL, HTML, CSS, Adobe Illustrator, and Photoshop, I am eager to learn more concepts that will give me progress for future endeavors.


tribute page

Kenia Sandoval Tribute Page
A tribute page for a fellow Base Camp Coding Academy Student. Started: November 30, 2020 Languages: HTML, CSS

perfected palate

Perfected Palate
My own personal cooking blog. Started: December 3, 2020. Languages: HTML, CSS, Bootstrap


A fictional charity page for deleting world hunger. Started: December 4, 2020. Languages: HTML, CSS, Bootstrap


A Hotel Reservation Program based for the main use of an administrator/ hotel staff. Started: November 13, 2020. Languages: Tkinter, Python


Magic To-Do
This program is a combination of a Magic 8 Ball and a To Do List. Insert the items on your to-do list that you wish to complete. Once entered, enter the command 'shake' to allow the ball to randomly choose a task. Once you have your task, start a timer for how long you need. Started: October 9, 2020. Languages: Python